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Please welcome Karen Brown as our newest Trustee board member. She will serve as Vice President.  

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Children are going to and from the buses. Please drive carefully and keep an eye out for those crossing the roads. Obey speed limits - most neighborhood streets are 25 mph. Report any suspicious behavior to authorities, and talk to your children about being approached by strangers. Let's make this a safe and fun school year!

Welcome our newest Trustee board members! We would like to welcome Michelle Sherer as President, Shilpa Saxena as Secretary, Brian Smith as Treasurer and Matt Sickles at Volunteer.   

2018 Mega-Neighborhood Garage Sale was held June 1st & 2nd - Our neighborhood garage sale was held Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2, from 9am to 4pm each day.  We joined with 6 other local neighborhoods for a MEGA Multi-Neighborhood Garage Sale event, including Oak Creek, Summerfield Village, Oak Creek East, Prestwick Commons, The Shores & Park Shore HOAs.  It was free to participate. Advertising costs was covered by your HOA and  Thank to everyone who participated!  

Our Annual HOA meeting is being held March 7, 2018, 7:00 to 9:00pm at Orange Township Hall. Registration begins at 6:30pm.  

New Free Classifieds - Join the Delaware County HOA Classifeds! As a member of Villages of Oak Creek HOA, you can join the HOA Classifieds on Facebook. It will be promoted through social media and other efforts to attract buyers and visitors. Buy, sell, trade, promote local events and fundraiser for your school or organization!  Find out more and start selling!  ACCESS

Our Annual HOA meeting was held March 8, 2017, 7:00 to 9:00pm at Orange Township Hall. We are pleased to announce our new  board members:  David Pulcheon, President; Dennis Adamets, Vice-President; Jim Noble, Secretary, and Michelle Sherer will continue as our Treasurer.  READ MINUTES HERE

Homeowner / Resident Contact Information - To provide us with complete information, please complete the Homeowners / Resident Contact Information Form and return it to us at your earliest convenience. Download here (PDF)

7/14/16: The board of The Villages of Oak Creek Homeowners' Association would like to provide an update to you on the condition of the three ponds in our neighborhood. We have received feedback through Facebook that the pond at Manorgate and Westwood has been in particularly bad shape recently. A little bit of background:

The board has authorized Aqua Doc to increase the frequency of chemical treatment for a while, at an additional cost. In addition, we are purchasing some new fish for all of the ponds. White Amurs will be stocked next week, while the variety of fish for FUN FISHING will be added in the fall. (Note: The game fish also like to eat bugs on the water surface and serve a purpose.) It is critical that you remind your kids that all of the fish in these ponds serve an ecological purpose and are for catch and release only.

Thank you all for your feedback, and please remember that the board can best respond to your concerns if you utilize the feedback form on this website.

3/18/16:  The County used the Highway Noise Abatement Guide for their analysis along the project widening.  The County provide VOCHOA with the Noise Study Map.

3/18/16:  We had a good turnout at the Annual HOA meeting this week.   Our attorney provided attendees legal interpretation to the process for County acquiring the VOCHOA properties to widen South Old State Street.  We can still use a few more volunteers in 2016 with only a couple hours per week.  The attorneys are filing about 14 new property liens this month on owners.  Aqua Docs will continue to monitor our retention ponds this year.  Freedom Lawncare will continue to mow the common areas.

We would like to welcome Michelle Sherer who volunteered to become a Trustee and our Treasurer.

One of our residents has volunteered to coordinate the June community yard sale. More information will be posted soon.

3/7/16:  County Staking “Clarification” along S. Old State St.

The County staked the proposed Right of Way (R/W) on the south side of Gladshire. This is "Fee" R/W which will be purchased by the county with a warranty deed.  This is the area that the Noise wall will be built within.

On the north side of Gladshire, there are several Sewer Easements, Channel Easements, and Temporary Easements.  If there are any trees/vegetation within these areas, they will likely be taken down (and paid for) by the contractor.  Temporary Easements (marked TMP on the stakes) are generally just for giving the contractor room to do their work.  They will likely do some grading in those limits, but any right the county has to this property is revoked when the term is over, usually 24 months from date of entry.

Sewer Easements (marked SW on the stakes) are for constructing and maintaining sewer structures (pipes, catch basins, manholes).

Channel Easements (marked CH on the stakes) are areas that will be graded by the contractor, and we are not permitted to do anything that would affect the grading or flow of drainage through these easements.  Click here to view all newer documents ( South Old State Road Plans - as of 3/7/2016):

2/26/16: Would any residents along Crossing, Royal Oak, Gladshire and Royal Park be interested in starting a landscape committee for the County's 2017 road construction?  We will be obtaining a full size set of drawings for that committee from Delaware County next week. You can help plan where new trees and shrubs will go and changes to the entrances. The planning will need to begin this spring 2016.  Contact a trustee if interested.  

2/22/16:  The County will be staking the western limits of construction along the VOCHOA property, upon request of the Trustees.  This will help us better understand the proposed construction limits for the roadway expansion.  

2/19/16:  The County Engineers office completed a new noise wall survey to only the 8 homeowners along Royal Park Drive, that are adjacent to S. Old State Street. Ryan Mraz, Chief Deputy Design Engineer for the county (740-833-2425 or email told us that “the re-survey for the noise wall did not change.  Therefore, the County is required to move forward with construction as originally planned”.  Residents can call or email the engineer directly with any questions or comments.

2/5/16:   Delaware County Engineers Office has sent the Association a set of final roadway widening plans along South Old State Street, between Orange Road and Royal Oak Drive.  The County said the construction work would start in March 2017.  Click here to view documents

If not done already, please take down your holiday lights outside.

Read the Winter 2016 Newsletter!  This edition includes information on joining our team, going green, Homeowner’s Dues, Block Watch, next annual meeting plus much more. Newsletter

Noise Wall Plans, VOCHOA’s attorney discussed homeowners’ concerns with the County Engineer. Also, some new residents have moved in after their vote (survey) was done.   As of January 28, 2016, the County Engineer has agreed to take a new vote along Royal Park, since some residents did not respond to their previous survey.  There is no guarantee the noise wall plans will be dropped, since it is up to only the 8 Royal Park homeowners next to Old State Street.  For further details, please click here.

8/19/15: Block Watch Safety Tips - No Parking Areas, Back-to-School and Theft from Vehicles Reminders

5/7/15:  The trustees approved additional tree and brush clearing on retention pond 2, near Storrington, Westwood and Crossing roads.  Lambertree Service was contracted for the additional maintenance work that should begin around May 11, 2015. The trees will be cut in sections and stacked below the dam for resident’s use.  The dam will be mowed thereafter.   At a later date, the stumps along the shoreline will be removed by an earthwork contractor and the shoreline grades repaired.

Important Post on Block Watch Page - If you haven’t been keeping up-to-date with our new Block Watch page, be sure to check it out. Lots of important information and resources to help keep you and our neighborhood safe. Click here

3/29/15:  Retention pond maintenance continues at Pond 2 near Storrington and Westwood.   Similar maintenance has been done are our two other retention ponds in 2013 and 2014.  The past few weeks, Freedom Lawncare cut and chipped tree saplings, brush, some dead trees and lots of debris piles on the earthen dam. There are some xposed ground hog holes that were discovered on the dam that will need to be filled. The Trustees will be contacting a pest control company to trap and remove the animals.  Burrows in the dam can create water seepage paths and structural damage. The Trustees marked the remaining trees on the dam that will be cut under Phase 2 this year; and are currently obtaining some contractor quotes. The tree roots are causing damage to the embankment including seepage paths and embankment damage. ODNR’s fact sheets explain problems with animal burrows and tree roots on the dams. Fact Sheet #1 and Fact Sheet #2.  The dam will be seeded with grass vegetation and periodically mowed.

Block Watch Committee: Updates were provided by Adrienne Selsor, Chair, at the recent HOA’s annual meeting.  Also, read the letter from Superintendent Wade Lucas regarding available resources addressing issues of  talking with children about sensitive topics. Click here for more information

Congratulations! Joe Stock was presented with the 2014 VOCHOA Volunteer of the Year award for his countless hours of service to our neighborhood. Please thank Joe for all he does.  The award was presented at the HOA’s annual meeting.

Your dollars ($$$) at work.  Environmental Trenching completed construction repairs and improvements to our Detention Pond 1 at Crossing Place. View Pond 1, Pg 1,  View Pond  1, Pg 2 .  A deteriorated metal spillway pipe was abandoned and replaced with a new concrete culvert and headwalls.  They regraded the dam with clean fill hauled in from off site.   A 2nd storm water control structure Detention Pond 2 at Storrington/Westwood/Gladshire had the outlet channel rerouted slightly as a temporary repair.  View Pond 2 .  This pond is still “work in progress” with future tree and brush clearing this year and 2015, then dam regrading, etc.    A 3rd storm water control ditch Storrington Ditch 1, Storrington Ditch 2  was cleared of trees and brush, then mucked out and regarded; which outlets from Storrington drainage culvert.   The ditch was half full of sediment from home and street debris accumulation.  

We recently had several residents volunteer their time and energy to put a fresh coat of paint to our street sign posts within the Villages of Oak Creek HOA.  Speaking on behalf of the Trustees, thank you all for your service. Volunteers included Sandy Wagner (lead coordinator), Rick Wagner, Janet Taylor, Declan Feery, Keith Beyer, Adam Buchman and Ryan Frazee. - Joe Stock, President, Villages of Oak Creek HOA

3 Year Trash & Recycling Contract to Save Orange Township Taxpayers Money. During a regular meeting of the Orange Township Board of Trustees, on June 17, 2014, Trustees awarded residential trash, yard waste and recycling services to...… Read on

On May 16th, Delaware County Engineers Office has sent the Association a set of preliminary roadway widening plans along South Old State Street, between Orange Road and Royal Oak Drive.  The County said the construction work would start in 2016.  The drawings show their proposed right-a-way changes, proposed noise walls within our common area, removal of many trees, removal of perimeter white fence and more.  It is our understanding that public announcements were sent only to Royal Park Drive and Crossing Place property owners adjacent to South Old State Street.   If you have any more information that the County provided to you, send to the Trustees please. Click here to review documents >>

County to Reimburse VOCHOA for Damages

As many of you know the County Engineer installed traffic light signals at our Gladshire Entrance earlier this year.  What you may not know is their contractor damaged our irrigation system on both sides of the street.  Total damages for replacement and repairs was about $1000.00.   Normally, the contractor is to replace any damages at their costs; but they never told us!!!!

We only became aware of the problem when attempting to start up the irrigation system this spring.  After several months of negotiations with the County, they finally agreed to reimburse us for these damages.   If we do not ask, we would have never been reimbursed.

Just wanted you to know, we are working hard for our residence.  

Joe Stock, Trustee

Welcome to The Villages of Oak Creek Homeowners’ Association, Inc. We are located in Orange Township, Delaware County, Ohio. As one of the larger neighborhoods in our area, we look forward to offering information and updates to benefit our residents, plus those interested in relocating into our community. Thank you!

                                                                     - The Villages of Oak Creek Association


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Annual Dues (2018): $148.50

Due Date: March 1, 2018

Homeowners are responsible to pay their HOA dues by the due date to avoid a late charge of $25.00 plus interest charges.

Please remit to:

The Villages of Oak Creek Homeowners' Association, Inc.

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Note to homeowners and title companies: There is a $100 transfer fee when selling a home.

Please make sure your paperwork reflects this.

Contact: or call 614-481-4411 with questions.
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